Mainframe Operating System Support

FLEX-ES supports IBM's System/390® architecture in 31-bit mode.

Separate operating modes are provided for support of legacy and other systems which must operate in System/370 or ECPS:VSE mode.

FLEX-ES supports most older IBM® operating systems in 31-bit mode, as appropriate for the OS release. Supported OSs include:

VSE All releases of the VSE family of operating systems, from DOS through DOS/VSE to z/VSE® 3.1 in 31-bit mode.
OS All releases of the OS family of operating systems, from OS/360 through MVS to OS/390® to z/OSTM 1.5 in 31-bit mode.
VM All releases of the VM operating system to z/VMTM 4.4 in 31-bit mode.
Linux/390 IBM's port of the Linux® kernel to System/390.

In addition, FLEX-ES supports mainframe operating systems from other vendors, including:

UTS All releases of the Amdahl® UTS® mainframe UNIX® operating system.

It is the customer's responsibility to obtain all IBM and third party operating system and application licenses at the appropriate performance or other rating for the FLEX-ES system(s) they have installed.

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