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Amdahl® Amdahl Corporation
AViiON® Data General Corporation
CLARiiON® Data General Corporation
DG/UX® Data General Corporation
Enterprise System Architecture/370TM IBM Corporation
Enterprise System Architecture/390® IBM Corporation
ESA/370TM IBM Corporation
ESA/390TM IBM Corporation
Enterprise System Connection Architecture® IBM Corporation
ESCON® IBM Corporation
EthernetTM Xerox Corporation
IBM® IBM Corporation
Intel® Intel Corporation
MVS/ESATM IBM Corporation
MVS/SPTM IBM Corporation
MVS/XATM IBM Corporation
OS/390TM IBM Corporation
Pentium® Intel Corporation
QualstarTM Qualstar Corporation
S/370TM IBM Corporation
SCOTM The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
System/370TM IBM Corporation
UNIX® X/Open
UnixWareTM The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
UTS® Amdahl Corporation
VM/ESATM IBM Corporation
VM/XATM IBM Corporation
VSE/ESA® IBM Corporation

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